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This page is meant to provide you with an understanding of why we have built this web site and what benefit it can bring to your enjoyment of the game of golf.

The HomePage provides a pretty good overview of all the things you’ll find on our site, and this About This Site Page will help to explain why!!

There are three major aspects to

Here you can learn, share, and shop!

  1. Information on the great game of golf.
  2. Chances for you to share your own thoughts, ideas, and experiences.
  3. Opportunities for you to shop for the things you need and want.

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Please take a look at our Privacy Policy Page to learn how we handle your right to privacy with regards to any personal information you (voluntarily) share with us through the use of content submission and our use of cookies. 

While searching for some information on golf, I discovered that the World Wide Web is littered with countless web sites tailored to this great game, but I struggled to find one that could provide all for which I was looking. As a great example, I wanted to know more about the different types of golf balls available today. What did all the layers mean and why are some golf balls available out of a bin for very little money while others require a second mortgage or at least a co-signer on a loan just to get a dozen. I could not find one place that adequately explained all that I wanted, so I culled the wealth of information out there and created the Golf Balls and Golf Balls Details pages so you now have all you need in one convenient place. about this site

I also wanted to create a forum for golfers of all walks of life to Share Their Stories. Your greatest successes and most humiliating failures. The time you holed out from 170 yards out to win your Club Championship and the time you lost a 4-up lead with five to play to drop your match in the annual Match Play Championships.

As well as a place where you have the opportunity to shop for the things you need to play better and enjoy your Golf Experiences to their fullest.

**  Please Note  **

~~~~~~ is kept free by your use of the Banner Ads and Product Links found throughout the site. These Recommended Vendors do kick-back a small percentage of each sale and that allows us to continue to host this site and offer all its great content for no charge.

These Vendors were not simply chosen at random. They have been carefully selected as the respected leaders in their field and they are the Vendors from whom we fill all our needs and wants.

We don't want you to shop just to keep us live on the web, we're gonna be here regardless. But if you do have a need for a golf-related product, we appreciate  your consideration in using the Vendors we support and recommend.

Thanks for your support of and please enjoy your time here at your "19th Hole on The Web"


"Hit 'em Straight and Not Too Often"

The opportunities we provide for you to shop for the things you need was born out of an experience I had a few years ago while shopping for a printer for my business. After looking online I had a pretty good idea of the printer I wanted but thought I’d stop into a retail store to see it in person and ask a few questions of the store clerk. He asked me what it was to be used for and then proceeded to show me another “all-in-one” model unit that printed, copied, scanned, and faxed. I told him I already had stand-alone machines to do each of those things and was interested in the printer I asked him about because of a unique feature it had to print on over-sized paper and I wanted to learn a little more about its other features and track record for performance. He continued to hammer home his desire to “sell” me the other all-in-one unit, so I finally left, went home and made my purchase online.

The moral of the story is that we don’t want anyone to ever “sell” us anything - We want them to “help us buy” the things we want and need. And thus was born the “shopping” concept of our site!! about this site   

We don’t want to “sell” you anything, but we are here to help you better understand your needs and then provide the opportunities for you to “shop” for what you need and want. The Golf Balls pages are a great example of that concept. There we provide you with all the details you’ll need to know to make an informed and educated decision on which golf ball is best suited to your unique swing and the game you play, and then we give you the links to buy your ball. The Golf Trips & Travel pages (when complete) will highlight great locations and swinging deals on destinations for “Buddies Trips”, “Tournament Outings”, and “Get-A-Ways” with your honey. The Fun Golf Accessories page may actually be our favorite though, as it is the place to get all the things that really add that extra pleasure to your enjoyment of golf.  about this site 

So, take your time and putt around the site to discover what value it can bring to your enjoyment of the game. And get involved by sharing your stories and any other comments and contributions you care to make. Then take advantage of the links provided to the vendors that offer the equipment and items you need to play better and enjoy the game more.

There are forms and links found throughout the site to help you do all of that and below the Navigation Bar on the left you'll find links to the major Golf Organizations that govern, guide, and enhance our play and enjoyment of the game.

And to truly make this site a "19th Hole on The Web" where we can all gather and engage together, just like we do at the 19th Holes of the courses we play, we offer six places where you can share your own entertaining stories, favorite jokes & quotes, golf games, tips and get-a-way trip locations, and all other comments and suggestions from your world of golf in which you feel others may find value and/or entertainment: about this site

  1. Golf Stories is where we share ours and invite you to tell your own tales of great success and humiliating failures, or anything in between.
  2. Golf Tips is the place to share a your tips to help your fellow golfers. Anything from how to chip from the rough to how to get great deals on tee times and travel (other than what you get right here at, to just about anything you’d like to share to “pay it forward” to others who love the game of golf.
  3. Golf Rulings is the forum where golfers get to state their cases and seek feedback from others with an opinion on what happened.
  4. Golf Games is where you get to share the great games you play that add that extra level of competitiveness and camaraderie to your weekly rounds with the guys/girls. about this site 
  5. Golf Jokes is where we all get to tell the jokes we usually share on the tee box and at the 19th hole over a cold draft.
  6. Golf Trips & Travel is where you tell where you've been and where you suggest fellow visitors spend their Golf Vacation Dollars. There are pages for you to share your stories, your games, your ruling controversies, and your jokes, and this is the page where you can share your favorite golf trip destinations and why. Have you played Pebble Beach or been to Pinehurst? Is Scottsdale your preferred destination, or do you like Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, or Hawaii? Let others know why you love your favorite destinations and share the reasons why. Tell us all about the destination (or at least as much as you'd like to share) - including the lodging, the golf options, great dining suggestions, and other things to do.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So sit back with a smooth glass of Macallan 18, a fine cigar, and some good music, and enjoy Along the way, feel free to drop us a comment in the box at the bottom of most pages, and make sure to “like” us by clicking any of the “like” buttons above the Navigation Bar on the left or those found in the middle of most pages. You can also follow us by signing up for our RSS Golf Blog (Tap-Ins & Lip-Outs) to stay informed and up to date on additions and changes to the web site.

Drop us a line with any questions you may have about this site on the Contact Us page or in the form below and thanks for visiting and for sharing and for spending a little time with us here at YOUR "19th Hole on The Web".

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