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We decided to have a little fun with Golf Rules and their Associated Rulings. So, with that in mind we offer the opportunity on this page to submit your Rulings Controversy for review and comment by the other visitors to this page.

Skip to the form below to submit your Controversy, or continue reading to see what else we have to offer on this page.

The Original 13 Rules of Golf as set forth in 1744 have evolved over the years and today the USGA in cooperation with the Royal & Ancient (R&A) from Scotland has given us an Official Rules of Golf 126-page, pocket-sized booklet that consists of 34 Rules in 122 Sections with 106 Sub-Sections and is subsidized by an additional “Decisions” Book that is almost 600 pages in length.

In an effort to keep things a little more simple we offer The Ten Golden Rules of Golf and a page that will help you to understand the Guys You Never Wanna Be on the golf course.

You can also have some fun by checking out the The 30 True Rules of Golf that seem to be some of the "Natural Laws" that actually govern the play of our daily rounds.

When you’re done visiting those pages come back and submit your Rulings Controversy in the form below and then check back to see what comments others have had to offer about your submission

Have you ever had a situation where everyone just disagreed on how the ball should have been played? Have you ever had a time when you just weren’t sure what to do or what ruling should have governed your play?

Then let this forum be your guide!!


Our favorite sections of Golf Magazine and Golf Digest are the pages on Golf Rulings where subscribers get to submit their Rulings Controversies and The Rules Guy then settles the discussion.

Our forum will be a little less formal, but it should be pretty entertaining to see what comments our “amateur golfers” can come up with in response to your Rulings Controversies.

Now Let’s Have Some Fun

Share Your Rules Questions & Comments Below

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Rulings Controversies to Share with Others

Do you have a Rulings Controversy you'd like to have other members address and discuss? Share it here and check back to see what they have to say about your contribution.

Here Are Rulings Controversies shared by Other Visitors

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Replaying from the tee. 
A 190 yard par three has a line of bushes down the left hand side. The out of bounds stakes are a couple of feet inside the bushes. Hitting a tee shot …

Falling Teed Ball Struck in Motion 
While my opponent was teeing off his ball fell off the tee and he continued his swing and hit the ball while it was still moving. Is it a penalty?

Unplayable ball 
After driving a ball into undergrowth, the ball is found. There is nowhere reasonable within two club lengths to drop ball and taking back in line is not …

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Stableford Format 

Points are awarded for each score on every hole. You can use any modification for points awarded (or subtracted) on every hole, but the R&A and the USGA award points as follows:

The Nassau

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