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Swinging a golf club is a unique motion in sports! For the most part, it is the only action that requires an athlete to swing one object at another "stationary" object.

Except for Tee Ball a baseball bat is always swung at a moving baseball. Racquets in tennis, squash, racquetball, and badminton are all swung at moving balls and shuttlecocks. Even a hockey stick is seldom swung at a stationary puck - it is usually in motion.

So, golf is unique in that regard since it is not a reactionary sport. The golfer initiates the action without reacting to what another athlete is doing and there is no one playing defense that would also require his/her attention.

Since most sports are reactionary to the action happening to and around an athlete, those other sports rely heavily on an athlete's reflexes and reactions. Yet, since golf is not a reactionary sport and requires that the athlete initiate all action what are the keys to performing well? Some will argue that course and weather conditions will have an influence on performance. Others will argue that equipment plays a significant role as well. Even the company with whom you play can have an impact. But the single greatest element to how well or how poorly you may play on any given day is your Golf Swing.

Balance - Tempo - Timing

The Golf SwingThe Golf Swing

And when it comes to the Golf Swing, is there anyone out there ready to argue that Balance, Tempo & Timing are NOT the three most critical elements required to swing at your best and perform well? Join us in this form below to share your thoughts on the Golf Swing.

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You can read more about the 

"Initiation of Action" 

on the Training Aids Page.

Professionals in Anatomy, Biomechanics and Physics have broken down the swing of a golf club into many individual components that when combined in just the right balance and sequence provide for the technically perfect swing. But that perfection according to the laws of science is not required to be successful in golf. Every individual golfer must find the technically proficient swing best suited to their own unique physique and style of play.

And that may be the biggest reason why Balance, Tempo & Timing are so critical to the success of any and all Golf Swings. We don't all possess the same physique, so how can we all be expected to swing the golf club in the same style and manner? It's ludicrous to think we can and even more insane to teach one style and one swing to every golfer who picks up a club.

Balance, Tempo & Timing

Work on syncing those three elements into your unique swing and style of play and you will find far more success and much greater joy in your game.

Commentators and Professional golfers around the world of golf have credited Ben Hogan with having a technically perfect golf swing, whereas David Feherty once proclaimed that Jim Furyk's swing looked more like "someone trying to kill a snake inside a phone booth".

Each however, has seen tremendous success on the PGA Tour using what works best for them.

Having the Right Clubs and equipment custom tailored to your unique swing and style of play can help a great deal, but also finding that balance, tempo & timing that suits your physique will help to maximize your enjoyment of the game by tailoring how you play to how you're able to play.

Maintaining your Health & Fitness is also a key component to making the highest and best use of your abilities to play your best golf.

Animated Golf Swing Graphic

We have the Designers over at Lumen Interactive to thank for the entertaining and informative graphic below. It illustrates the Anatomy and Physics behind the Biomechanics of swinging a golf club.

Golf Swing Animated Graphic

Click image and then expand (upper right corner) to enlarge graphic

Lorena Ochoa Golf Swing Graphic

And let's thank the people over at for this graphic from Lorena Ochoa on her perfect swing of the golf club.

Lorena Ochoa Perfect Golf Swing

Click image and then expand (upper right corner) to enlarge graphic

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"When Health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot  become manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth is useless, and reason is powerless."

Herophilos 335-280 B.C. 

All athletes require the performance components of: strength, power, endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance, good posture, and mental conditioning to perform at their best.

And Golfers are athletes too!!

Stay Healthy - Play your Best

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