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Ted Williams proclaimed that Hitting a Baseball is, "The most difficult thing to do in sports", and golfers everywhere (most of whom have never played baseball) all called BS!! golf training aids

Ted Williams may be right though, since hitting a baseball coming at you at 90+ mph while curving, dipping, and changing speeds is pretty difficult.

Consider that you're trying to hit a spherical ball approximately 2.9 inches in diameter being hurled at you from 60 feet 6 inches away with a cylindrical bat, all while the pitcher is doing everything he can to mess up your balance and your timing. Consider also that you have less than 1/2 second to decide if you're going to swing and where in the strike zone to make that swing to meet the ball squarely with an almost zero angle of deflection to send it back out in the field of play - Wow!!

So in comparison to that,
how can hitting a golf ball that's just sitting there be so dang difficult??

That answer can really be as simple as realizing the "Initiation of Action"!! Hitting a baseball (like the "Initiation of Action" in most sports) is "Reactionary" and the athlete relies heavily on countless hours of practice and muscle memory to simply "react" to the play in front of him or her.  golf training aids

On the contrary - Golf is NOT a reactionary sport!! The ball is just sitting there and the golfer initiates the "action" and supposedly "controls" the outcome. For that very reason, it is also critical (just like in other sports) to put in the countless hours of practice to develop a consistent and repetitive motion of muscle memory in your golf swing, and develop your own "Pre-Shot Routine" to help instill a consistent pattern and feeling for each time you step in to strike the ball.

I guess that's why they say that "Golf is 90% mental and 10% mental". Obviously it takes some athleticism as well, but if you've ever struck a golf ball perfectly and watched it fly straight and far, or high and soft on your intended line, then you know why you keep coming back. It's the consistency of achieving those "perfect" ball flights that often eludes us . . . but why??

Quite possibly because of the very fact that the ball is JUST SITTING THERE!!!! We believe that it can't be that difficult and we should be able to hit it perfectly with far greater consistency and that belief cultivates the enormous pressure we feel to hit it well all the time. We have to seriously let that feeling and that pressure go!  golf training aids

The greatest advice I ever heard about golf is to
"Give yourself permission to hit the ball anywhere"!!

If you've put in the practice and have a good pre-shot routine then step in and trust your swing and just fire away. You're still gonna miss some shots, but don't worry - the Pros miss shots too! They just miss less often because they trust their swing and just step in and hit it. So, get your head out of the way and just have some fun.  golf training aids

Golf Simulators can be powerful golf training aids and a great partner in your quest for game improvement. Use the banners above to learn more about the OptiShot Golf Simulator and the P3Pro Swing Simulator.

Or go Here to see how they can be your most powerful and most enjoyable training aids.

Golf Improvement with Arccos Golf

Arccos Golf

Arccos Golf

GPS & Real-Time Tracking System

Are you serious about taking your game to the next level? Are you a "Techy" and love gadgets that track everything about your game? Have you yet heard about or seen The Arccos Golf Game Tracking and Improvement System?   

Just short of video taping every shot in your entire round, The Arccos Golf GPS and Real-Time Stat Tracking System is a revolutionary means of seeing your game in action. golf training aids

Blue Tooth technology connects every club in your bag to a Free Downloadable Mobile App that tracks every shot and every statistic that will help you see where you're succeeding and on what facets of the game you could use some help.

Watch the video below, then click the logo or links above to learn more

Golf Simulators golf training aids

Although books, videos and training aids all have their place in helping us to find a better and more repeatable swing pattern, there is nothing like actually striking a ball to help you dial in all that educational study.

P3 Pro Swing Simmulator

Yet, sometimes the course remains elusive due to the weather or getting to it simply outdistances the other priorities in our lives. For those disappointing times offers the choice of The OptiShot Golf Simulator and the P3Pro Swing Golf Simulator. These inexpensive alternatives offer the opportunity to play anytime and anywhere you can swing a club. Mother Nature's nasty weather can't stop you now. And even your schedule can only slow you down, but it can't stop you since the need for daylight is no longer a factor in your enjoyment of golf.

Now you can actually enter the video games on your computer and play the courses where you've always wanted to tee it up. For the cost of a few rounds of golf you can now have unlimited golf at the beckon call of your schedule. Here comes the OptiShot & P3Pro Swing Golf Simulators to your rescue.

The OptiShot system is the more cost-friendly choice, but the P3Pro Swing offers more options for a variety of budgets.

Use the banner links above to learn more and begin the journey on your next Great Golf Adventure.

Now that you've got your Videos and Training Aids and your swing is all dialed in from the extra practice on your Golf Simulator, it's time to take your game to the actual course and pay yourself back on the cost of your investment by relieving your buddies of a few of the Dead Presidents cluttering up their wallets. proudly offers three options to help you book your tee times. You can book through or or though The Golf18 Network.

Make sure to check your handicap for the course you choose to play by using our Handicap Calculators before heading out.  

And you'll also want some Great Golf Games to take to the course to add some drama and excitement to your rounds. After all - you need a good side game or two to get those buddies to pry open their wallets.  

Have fun and Hit 'em straight ... But Not Too Often!!

Options for Booking Your Next Tee Time

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