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Coeur d'Alene Golf ResortCoeur d'Alene Golf Resort Golf Cart

Do you Walk or Ride?

EZ Go Golf CartEZ Go Golf Cart

Luxury Golf CartLuxury Golf Cart
Cool Golf CartCool Golf Cart

If you're a walker, this page may not be for you. But if you like to ride in a Golf Cart then read on and tell us about your Favorite Golf Cart Experience.

For many, the Golf Cart is simply a conveyance to get them and their clubs from shot to shot and tee to green. But for others, the Golf Cart can bring an extra measure of enjoyment to their travels across the fairways. 

From highly customized privately commissioned luxury Golf Carts to the standard EZGo electric carts found at most public and municipal courses, Golf Carts come in a wide variety of makes and models.

Standard EZ Go Golf Cart

EZ Go Standard Golf CartEZ Go Standard Golf Cart
EZ Go Standard Golf CartEZ Go Standard Golf Cart

These are the carts most of us ride in day in and day out. Whether powered by gas or an electric battery, the EZ Go Standard Golf Carts are the most widely used carts you will find at most public use and municipal golf courses as well as most Country Clubs. Usually available in the white and green colors pictured above, I have also seen them in blue, black and grey.

They're pretty standard (as their name suggests) and have storage areas, cup holders, tee holders, and usually ball holders built right into the dash. Some courses might also have them outfitted with sand holders, club cleaners, or even GPS Yardage Units up front that are put on the carts to help speed up play, but actually slow it down in most cases because both players riding now want the cart parked next to their ball for accurate yardage details.

The other irony is courses that provide each cart with a GPS unit only to then restrict the carts to the cart path only . . . even on sunny dry days.

Pictured above is Buddy in the Cadilac of Public Use Golft Carts we had the pleasure to use at The Coeur d'Alene Golf Resort in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. Playing alongside the majestic beauty of the picturesque Lake Coeur d'Alene is made even more enjoyable by the luxury of the golf carts at the resort.

These carts had the standard issue cup holders and storage in the dash, but the features that took it beyond the ordinary were: the burl-wood dash-board and steering wheel; the chrome wheels; the ultra-plush cushioning in the seats; extra storage/cooler space on the right rear fender and under the hood; a club and ball washer on the left rear fender; and tee dispensers built right into the rear roof supports.

Cool, Custom and Luxury Golf Carts

Cool Golf CartCool Golf Cart
Cool Golf CartCool Golf Cart
Cool Golf CartCool Golf Cart

Custom Golf CartCustom Golf Cart
Custom Golf CartCustom Golf Cart
Custom Golf CartCustom Golf Cart

Luxury Golf CartLuxury Golf Cart
Luxury Golf CartLuxury Golf Cart
Luxury Golf CartLuxury Golf Cart

You won't find any of the Golf Carts pictured above parked outside the Pro Shop at your local Muni, and the only way you'll even see them on site at your local Country Club is if your local CC is Bushwood Country Club and Rodney Dangerfield's Al Czervik is looking to buy the place. 

These are the Golf Carts the uber-wealthy have commissioned just for fun and will be found rolling from mansion to mansion on Long Islands eastern tip at the Hamptons or behind the gated communities where the wealthy play rather than carting clubs on any golf course. 

Now it's your turn!!

Use the form below to share the story of where you had your most memorable Golf Cart Experience. Whether its a special cart you had the privilege to enjoy for a day, like we did at Coeur d'Alene, one you took a picture of you saw somewhere, or something memorable you did with your cart - share your story for others to enjoy.

Great Golf Carts!

Tell us about the nicest or most unique Golf Cart you've ever had the pleasure to use for a round of golf.

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