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Your 19th Hole on The Web

This is your 19th Hole on The Web where you can share your greatest successes and your most humiliating (and entertaining) failures. Everything from the tale of that 20-foot triple-breaking downhill eagle putt to close out the front nine Nassau, to the time you holed out from 165 yards for an Eagle net Birdie that then became a Bogey, to the time you crashed from 3 up with 4 to play to lose in the Match Play Finals.

So pour yourself a smooth McCallan 18 and put on some good music while you pull up a stool at the bar or settle in by the fireplace at the 19th Hole.

It's time to talk Golf!!

Do you have a Hole-in-One to report or a hole-out for an eagle from the fairway to win your club championship, or maybe a Ruling Controversy with your buddies that you'd like to ask the forum to address?

I mean don’t we all stand on the tee box awaiting the group in front of us to clear the fairway or the green and share the stories of our own experiences; like the time your buddy drove the cart into the pond on 17?

You can even upload up to 4 pictures to help better illustrate each story you share.

We have information to help you better understand the History and Times of The Game, its past and present stars, the 10 Golden Rules that should govern all play, Great Games, to take to your Saturday morning rounds, a place to help you understand your own Golf Index, and how to calculate the corresponding Handicap for any course you play, and even three choices on how to book your next tee time; through or or with at your favorite courses local to where you live, and where you work, and where you like to travel.

There are two pages in the section on Golf Balls dedicated to helping you better understand the design and function of the multitude of different balls available for use. The Golf Balls Page provides an overview of the basics, and the Golf Ball Details Page goes deeper and provides a more complete understanding of Golf Ball design, form and function.

The page on Golf Clubs takes you through the club from top to bottom where you can learn more about the the grip, the shaft, and the club head. These are the primary components that make up every club in your bag and we break down the significance of each for you to make a wiser choice in filling your bag with the clubs that will play in the best synergistic harmony with your unique swing and style of play.

Golf fitness is where we help you better understand the significance of maintaining a program of regular physical exercise and mental health to both prevent injury and allow you to play your best golf through the entire round.

The Golf Swing walks you through the unique characteristics of swinging a golf club and what constitutes Golf's Perfect Swing. While the Training Aids page provides a good comparison between swinging a baseball bat and swinging a golf club and why we find it so difficult to do the latter.

We have also gathered together the most comprehensive and complete library of Golf Quotes, we could find and have broken them down into many subcategories so you can more easily find what will better entertain you on your visit to those pages.

Make sure to spend some time reading through these great quotes from Champions of The Game like Arnold PalmerJack NicklausBen HoganSam Snead, and Tiger WoodsEntertainers from The Big Screen, TV, and StageAthletes from Other SportsGreat Authors and some Gifted Writers who have covered The Game of Golf, and even a great section from Unknown Authors as well.

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Have fun today and we’ll see you again real soon!!

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The Nassau

Probably the best known and most widely played game between friends.

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