Golfer’s Wardrobe: Top Tips For Choosing The Right Apparel

by The Golf Club Guru

Choosing a Proper Golfer Wardrobe

Choosing a Proper Golfer Wardrobe

Every experienced player will confirm that golf is a game of style! For many years, this sport was among royalties’ favorite activities, which is why there is a specific and quite strict dress code that was developed through the centuries.

Whenever you step out to the golf course, you can still feel a sense of formality in the way players get dressed. It is also worth mentioning that most golf clubs and all Country Clubs take their dress code very seriously. Thus, if you want to enjoy your favorite game, it is vital to adhere to certain rules of wardrobe etiquette! In this article, we will give you an insight into the basics of that golf clothing etiquette that will help you to look your best and play with a style while adhering to the time-honored traditions of the game.

Golfer’s Basic Clothing Set

To begin your golfing journey correctly and avoid the embarrassment of being denied access to some golf clubs and even golf courses, you should consider acquiring a basic set of golfer’s attire. Here is a complete list of the items for which to look:


Probably everyone knows that polo shorts are golf’s essentials. However, there are a few key rules to keep in mind. You may pick shirts with long or short sleeves, depending on the weather. However, in any case, it needs to have a collar! Also, keep in mind the material of your clothes, as this will affect the way you feel during the game.

Slacks and shorts

Players are allowed to wear either shorts or slacks. However, it is vital that your clothes come with belt loops. There are also a few recommendations related to the color – the best bet would be khaki, gray, beige, tan, or cream. Again, it is important to pick the right material based on the weather conditions in your area.


Here we also have some strict rules as all courses and clubs allow you to play ONLY in special golf shoes. There are different types of those, so before making a choice, make sure that you are aware of your club’s requirements. For example, most courses won’t allow you to play in shoes with steel spikes, so these should be avoided. It is generally recommended to choose spike less or soft-spike shoes. Also, pay special attention to comfort and materials. After all, you will be walking quite a bit!

Socks and Belts

There are certain rules, even for such accessories as socks and belts. First of all, players should wear a belt, but it doesn’t matter that much which belt you will choose, so just go with whatever feels right for you. As for socks, it is commonly accepted to wear white ones that go up to ankles.

Additional Accessories

In addition, every golfer should complement his style with some extras like gloves and hats or caps.

Special Apparel For Bad Weather

Finally, if you are playing in bad weather conditions, it is important to consider that as well. Check out our other article to find the best golf rain suit and other clothing.

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