Top 5 Ball Options For Night Golf Getaways

by The Golf Club Guru

Best Glow Balls for Night Time Golf

Best Glow Balls for Night Time Golf

The right golf ball is arguably the most important piece of equipment in every golfer’s bag. We have often highlighted the importance of playing golf balls with the characteristics appropriate to your swing speed and unique style of play. Now, however, we’d like to discuss with you the unique situation that will present itself if you ever decide to play golf at night.

Playing golf during sunny and warm days requires no special considerations other than matching the ball you play to your game. But what about playing during the evenings and through the night? Night golf tournaments can be found all over the place and if you decide you’d like to play in them or at least give it a shot, then you will need to add special night golf balls to your toolkit!

There exist many different reasons for playing at night: 1. Some golfers may be too busy during the day; 2. Some may enjoy the cooler nighttime temperatures; 3. While others may prefer the less crowded fairways and greens of a nighttime round;

Which reminds us of a classic golf joke: A group of four was complaining to the Marshal about the slow play of the group in front when the Marshal said, “You may wish to give those guys a break as they are all blind.” To which one of the guys in the complaining foursome said, “That’s cool! But couldn’t they have played last night?”

4. And still, others just enjoy those often hilarious Glow-Ball Golf Tournaments. Regardless of your motivation and reasons for playing after the sun has set, you will need to supply yourself with golf balls specifically designed for the task. Often called Glow Balls, these balls allow you to see your ball’s flight and track where it’s headed in the poorly lit conditions of playing golf at night.

Tracking your golf ball during the day is usually pretty easy – at least the “tracking” part! Finding it is often a whole new puzzle to solve. Now, just imagine how difficult it would be to find a golf ball at night when you can’t follow and track its trajectory and flight path from the instant you strike it? Enter the introduction of the Glow Ball!! Golf balls designed specifically to be seen in dimly lit conditions. If you’ve never tried it, playing golf at night with these Glow Balls makes it almost impossible to lose a ball – provided you at least keep in the field of play.

There are numerous options available from which to choose and selecting the best one for you and the conditions you’re about to play can be a daunting task. So, to help simplify that task we have prepared a short top list of the best night golf balls available on the market! Head on over and let’s see what we’ve chosen for you!

For your consideration in this article, we offer the following advice and recommendations:

Best Balls To Play Golf At Night

1. GlowV1

• Excellent design
• Responsiveness
• Impressive battery life

If you are searching for the best available option, GlowV1 might be just the right pick for you! This brand outdoes all of the rest. This ball is extremely good-looking and responsive when put into play. It is ultra bright and easy to track and follow when struck. Moreover, this ball is rechargeable and its battery life is awe-inspiring. It takes but one minute to charge and then keeps glowing for about 15 minutes! That’s plenty long enough to play each hole. So, carry a few and keep some charging while you watch the one in play soar towards your unseen target.

2. 4 Nighthawk Glow in Dark LED golf balls

• Extremely bright
• No flashing
• Impressive battery life
• Come in a variety of colors

Our next pick boasts a forty hour LED life. The Nighthawk Glow Ball comes in a variety of colors and delivers excellent performance in the dark with a steady and very bright glow and no flashing.

3. Champion Sports Playground

• Decent battery life
• Affordable

This ball from Champion Sports is bouncy and quite soft making it a good option for indoor and outdoor games. It also glows in the dark, which means that you will never lose its trace after sending it on its way. Finally, a set of 6 balls comes at a very pocket-friendly price.

4. Maxola LED

• Comfortable weight
• Come in a variety of colors
• Excellent battery life
• Intelligent LED Chips

Our next pick has an excellent battery life that reaches 48 hours! The Maxola LED comes in a wide variety of colors and is equipped with a high-quality LED light that can glow for about eight minutes after being struck! It also has quite a comfortable weight making this pick suitable for golfers with various needs.

5. Spikeball

• Great for beginners
• Ultra bright
• Glow for up to 8 minutes after each shot

Our last option is also a great choice! The Spikeball is ultra bright and keeps glowing for eight more minutes after they land giving you plenty of time to find it in the fairways, on the greens and even in the rough. This ball is a perfect option for beginners who may find themselves in that rough more often than not and need the time to locate their ball!

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