What Are Putters And How To Find A Perfect Fit For You?

by The Golf Club Guru

Finding The Perfect Putter For You!!

Finding The Perfect Putter For You!!

For many golfers, putting is the most stressful part of the game. Regardless of whether it’s one of the PGA Tour’s four major tournaments or your weekly skins game with your buddies, the one who putts the best usually takes the win. Therefore, it really is an aspect of your game that should receive the most attention toward improvement. Mastering the art of putting is virtually impossible but it is very possible to dramatically improve your stroke and thus, your rate of success in getting the ball into the hole in fewer strokes. Many factors must be considered when evaluating what your putting requires to improve your success rate and reduce your strokes on the greens.

These factors include:

1. Your unique swing and natural style of play;
2. Your experience playing golf;
3. Your current skill level, and;
4. Your putter.

Chief among these factors may very well be the putter in your bag. Just as important as having all your other clubs, woods, irons and wedges, custom fit to your unique swing and style of play, getting fit for a putter that matches your game is equally important. The correct putter will synchronize harmoniously with #1 above and can also help to overcome the possible shortcomings of #’s 2 & 3.

As manufacturers of golf equipment strive to offer clubs to match each golfer’s unique swing and style of play, they spend millions also on the research and development of a wide variety of putters to match up with each golfer who walks to the green hoping to get down in one.

Type Of Balance

Putters are generally offered within the two distinct categories of face or toe balance. The unique design of each model offers advantages to golfers who customarily have either a straight path through the ball or those who’s putting stroke uses an arc swing that moves in to out and back in on follow through. You can determine your own swing path by taking your natural address to the ball and make your customary swing through the ball. Does your natural tendency draw the club straight back and then release straight through the ball? Or, does your natural swing tend to have an arc to it that slightly wraps around your feet as you swing through the ball? So, how do face and toe balanced putters best match up with these two swing paths? Visit how to successfully shop for the best putter to understand the answer to that critical question.

Whether to choose a toe or face balanced putter depends on the type of player’s stroke. Thus, it is wise to consult with a professional to define which style of club will best complement your technique and unique style of play.

Within the spectrum of face and toe balanced putters, manufacturers also offer many models that will fall into more of a middle-range when factored on balance alone. These putters do offer distinct advantages but are not for everyone. We, therefore, reiterate the importance of getting custom fit for your putter or at least being extremely diligent in choosing when you look to replace the putter currently in your bag.

Picking The Perfect Option For You

Balance, lie and length; and milled vs. insert putters . . . So, which is the best option for you? As we’ve already mentioned a few times, it is best to get advice from a club-fitting professional in order to find your best match. However, there are many other factors to consider when making a choice, so these handy tips should help you to choose wisely in lieu of that professional fitting:

Consider the weight – the overall weight of a club is the key to better distance and more control. Thus, it is essential to find a perfect match to your tempo.

Lie and length – it is vital to get these two factors right and match them to your needs.

Balance – we have already told you about the different types of putters. Now, it is worth to mention once more how important it is to match the putter’s type of balance to your style of stroke.

Grip – the shape of grip can either help you empower each stroke or ruin it. Experts recommend picking a smaller grip if hands are the source of power during player’s swing. If the main source of power is shoulder, then it is better to opt for a big grip.

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