Book Your Next Tee Time is another option gives you for booking your tee times. Specializing in deep discounts on last-minute tee times and access to over 2200 courses in 50 of these United States and bookings in Canada too.

The best prices for your last-minute bookings and refund credits for rounds cancelled due to weather. You just can't go wrong with as your choice for booking your next round. quickly became the go-to online booking engine for me and it's now the first place I go when looking to book any round. Especially those last-minute rounds when you just need to get out and swing. highly recommends Golf18Network and encourages you to give it a shot and you'll quickly discover the Foul-Weather Guarantee gives you peace of mind and the Discounts will bring you back again and again.  

Check out a few of their 5-Star reviews

from other happily satisfied customers.

Only good experiences

Easiest way I have found to go online and easily compare numerous courses around me. I would highly recommend using it.


Great way to get tee times, easy and if you need to cancel due to rain they give you a credit for the next time you want to go. Glad to see a business stick to its word.

Easy to use and really does save you money!

I have used this site for a few years now and have usually played golf at my favorite courses for far less than the cost of direct tee times.

Golf18 Network - Two Thumbs-Up

Easy to use, convenient to book and a very accommodating, courteous, professional staff. I've used this service more than 20 times in the past year and it's been great.

Make sure to take advantage of their $25 Credit for 1st-Time users, then continue to see deep discounts on future rounds booked up to 75% off regular retail Prices.

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